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Quebec borrows from hit TV show Mandalorian in attempt to boost curfew's popularity

QUEBEC CITY – In an effort to boost the popularity of the 8 p.m. curfew that they implemented to reduce the spread of COVID, Quebec politicians are hoping to borrow some of the enthusiasm around Disney's hit TV show, The Mandalorian. Municipal bylaw officers will now be wearing the familiar armour of the show's titular bounty hunter, Din Djarin.

"We think this is a fun way to get the whole family on board with preventing the spread of COVID," Premier François Legault told reporters outside the Parliament Building. "We know this policy choice may seem extremely confusing and incoherent, but that actually isn't inconsistent with our overall curfew strategy."

The decision has raised some eyebrows amongst other Quebec politicians.

"I was actually pretty concerned about what having to buy all of these costumes and the associated Disney licensing fees would do to our already hurting municipal balance sheet," Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, Mayor of Gatineau told reporters Thursday.

"But when I asked the Premier about whether this was a good use of resources during a pandemic, he just told me he found my lack of faith disturbing."

Pierre Williams, former Montreal restauranteur and owner of l'Oiseau Malodorant, has had a run-in with one of the costumed officers.

"Our restaurant folded during the COVID lockdown and I was having another rough fight about money with the wife, so I decided to go for a walk to cool off before I said or did something I'd regret," Williams told our reporter. "I'm walking through the park and boom, I bump right into the Mando. Thought he was some crazy cosplayer until he tells me I am violating the city's bylaws."

"I tell the guy that my family is struggling but I'll try and scrape the fine money together. He tells me there is do or do not, there is no try, and we both had a good laugh. You know, because it's from Star Wars. Really took the edge off of the $1500 ordinance violation fine."


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