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NDP convention supports resolution banning "complexity"

"This should get the teachers' unions on board"

OTTAWA – During a three-day online convention that has had party members voting on resolutions to determine what should become part of the NDP's platform in the next election, there was overwhelming support for the party to adopt a policy that would make complexity illegal.

"Complexity has always been something we felt was unfairly biased against our party and our policies," NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh told reporters at the convention.

"As the party of idealistic young people, what else do you call something that prevents good intentions and simple solutions from translating into positive outcomes?"

"This was great to hear," Sara Finkle, a young NDP member who voted in support of the resolution told our reporter. "It will get rid of some of the major criticisms voters have of our party, like our economic policies not addressing incentives and our foreign policy being based on John Lennon's Imagine."

"The other option was convincing a convention of young, passionate leftists to support nuanced policy that acknowledges unintended consequences, but overturning causality just seemed easier."


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